Ajax - Sputnik Lights

  • Make: Ajax
  • Model: Sputnik Lights T-912
  • No. Lamps: 24
  • Lamps: E5 20V 3W with two flashing lamps
  • Fuse Lamp: No
  • Shades: Yes
  • Construction: Straight Line With Two Circuits
  • Cable: Green or white, single insulated
  • Plug: No

This is one of my favourite light sets, partly because my grandmother had a set of these lights which where passed down the family and partly because they do not make any sense. The shades look like they where modelled on a world war two mines and the boxes are decorated with random images from the moon landings to father Christmas riding a rocket.


The set is wired in two circuits such that it alternates from one circuit to the other as you follow the set along. The shades are round with small spikes on them, making them look a little like mines but I guess that they are supposed to represent the aerials on the USSR Sputnik 1 (1957) satellite.

I have two different Sputnik Light boxes, both having the same typeface on them but completely different illustrations. The first is green, blue and yellow with pictures of Father Christmas, Sputnik Lights, Poinsettia and a sleigh being pulled by a horse. It is marked ‘Made in Hong Kong’ and overall the print quality is a little primitive looking. The second box features illustrations of the moon landing (1969) and has much better print quality with a graduated colour background. This time the lights are marked ‘Empire Made’. It is also worth noting that an extra ‘Direction’ has been added to the box, instructing that the lights are ‘For indoor use only”.

Incidentally, I found a page from the “Local Advertiser” lining the bottom of the oldest box which probably replaced the tray that originally held the light in place. It is dated Thursday 24th December 1981 and has an advertisement for an electrical shop which features a ‘Hitachi CBP 260 26” Remote Control Colour Television Only £435.00’. It sound expensive even by modern standards but customers who bought this set probably did well as many of them are still in service today. In fact, it would appear that parts are still available for them!